This site it's a sort of forum where you have to open discussions (no porno, no offensive discussions).You are paid 1c for every answer you post... For example, 10 answers posted,  10 c earned.... 100 answers posted, 1$ earned !!! The're no limits for your posts. You have to write simple posts, because you are paid on the ground of the discussion's trend, so : more answers, more earnings !
For increase your earnings, post your discussions with images ! An example : Title of discussion : " What's your favorite colour ? " . Well, insert a rainbow, or anything else relating to colours. I advise you to reply to all the people that responds to your posts ( also with a simple : " Thanks for response"), so your discussion stand up on the fist page and you have more responses ! I also advice you to add more "friends" as possible on your profile, so they can see your discussion more fast, and answer it. Earnings are daily update, every 24 hours. This site it's very truthfull, cause it's a Google affiliate site, and you can also see the posts of the paiments done ! It's not a scam or cheater site ! Give it a try and see yourself how good is it ! There 's 1 referral level (25%), so you can reach 25c every 1$ earned by every referral, with no work ! This site pays within the 15th of every month, but only if you've reached the 10$ payout within the end of the previous month. Otherwise, your payout slides to the next month. But the 10$ payout it's very easy to reach, believe me !"
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